How often do you have group lessons?

Diana said: Jun 15, 2005
Diana UmilePiano
Coatesville, PA
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teachers: how often do you have group lessons?

Diana said: Jun 20, 2005
Diana UmilePiano
Coatesville, PA
36 posts

Could some of the piano

teachers (and parents) out there please vote in the poll? I’d really like to get some ideas as to how often most

teachers have group lessons. Thanks!

Corinne said: Jun 26, 2005
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Wow! Looks like frequency varies a lot from

studio to studio!

I am currently doing one group class and one parent meeting each month, but I took short

-term training last month in which the trainer recommended having group class once a week. I can see the value

in that, but I haven’t made the switch, yet… still thinking about it. I have a small studio (8 kids) so the 3

preschoolers come for a weekly group lesson and everyone else (ages 8-15) has a private lesson each week and the

group class each month during the schoolyear.

At group class, we have an informal recital and we play games

together (Music Mind Games, other theory games, improvisation…). Sometimes they take turn analyzing each

others’ pieces. Last time we had group class, I had a how-to-practice theme. I explained different practicing

techniques (spot practice, HS practice, slow practice, metronome practice, playing along with CD, etc.) and then

had each child play a piece. The rest of the class had to listen for something to improve, and figure out what

practice technique would be most beneficial. They did a great job! I think, though, that next time I need to

have them also listen for what the student did well, so they don’t get too


My own teacher has weekly theory classes (divided up by grade level) where we study for the

state theory test, and sometimes perform for each other. I met my two best friends in my group class. We’ll

probably keep in touch for the next 50 years! That’s one of the best things about group classes.


also heard of teachers doing group classes where the main focus was playing duets and such. I think that’s a

great idea, but I haven’t tried it, yet. Maybe I could incorporate that into what I already do… have group

class every week and duet class every month or so.

I’m sorry if I got off subject. Piano group class can

be challenging! You can’t exactly fit the whole studio onto two pianos for a round of review songs. Sometimes I

wish I were a violin teacher!

Diana said: Jun 29, 2005
Diana UmilePiano
Coatesville, PA
36 posts

Well, I’m glad that nobody

voted “None”, but why only 7 votes with over 100 views?

Melissa said: Jun 29, 2005
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Do you think it is because there isn’t very many

of us piano teachers out there?

said: Jun 30, 2005
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Well, I teach piano as well as violin. However I

don’t use the Suzuki method for piano. So, I have not voted because of this. I do have group lessons though,

usually about 5 spread out during the year.

So far I’ve had the students perform for each other, and then

we learn about something. In the past I’ve taught them about music history—composers/musical styles etc. Games

for reviewing the alphabet, note recognition, rhythm recognition games, etc. The kids seem to have fun. Oh, and

we always end with food! ;-)

said: Jun 30, 2005
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Us violin teachers might be taking a peek at the

results ;-)

“When love is deep, much can be accomplished.”
-Shinichi Suzuki

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