Suzuki Grown Teachers?


Rachel Schott said: Mar 6, 2005
Rachel SchottViolin
Harrogate, TN
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How many teachers out there

were little Suzukians?

Melissa said: Mar 7, 2005
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I guess I would have to vote traditional, but I’m

not sure…. I was raised with learning to play by ear by listening and watching my parents play music. There was

always music in our house. I watched my Mother play the piano and I tried to imitate her. I taught myself

solfege after watching “Sound of Music” and learned all my notes this way. So in essence I was taught by ways of

Suzuki’s philosophy of learning music.
When I turned 6 I took lessons from a very strict traditional teacher

who thought that playing by ear was short from being evil, so he insisted that I learn to read music. It was an

awful experience, but the experience led me to Suzuki teaching and how to be the best teacher for my students.

said: Apr 28, 2005
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I was raised a Suzuki kid…group classes,

‘little’ string orchestras, chamber music intro classes, institutes every summer…the whole she-bang!

That is how I became involved in teaching the Suzuki method. However, I find I like to teach theory

concepts early using a combination of scale degrees and solfege (concepts I learned in university that I find most

useful). I was very lucky as my mother was a piano teacher (first traditional, then Suzuki trained) and so I was

surrounded by music, theory classes and music history all my life. She also took me to live performances and we

always had the CBC playing in our home.

I strive to create an environment like this for my students—

organizing trips to symphony concerts, giving out non-suzuki cd rewards for practice-a-thons, etc. :)

Kathy said: Apr 28, 2005
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ok, why can’t I vote??

said: Apr 28, 2005
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Maybe there was a time limit on the vote? I mean

like it only ran for __ days?

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