What do you think of Suzuki Method? (poll)

Corinne said: Feb 1, 2004
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My English assignment is to write a paper on something I’m really interested in—so of course I picked music! To be more specific, the question I’m trying to answer is whether Suzuki is the way to teach music; does it top all other study methods? Why? What problems or benefits have you noticed?
Thanks for taking the time to answer!
Rynna :)

Ghost People said: Feb 2, 2004
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Is there a perfect method for everyone? No. the big strentgths of the Suzuki method are A STRONG emphasis on parent involvement (and training the parent to set up a schedule of practice and teaching that allow for enough repetition that the child becomes more fluent in the language of music); an emphasis on continual listening to the recordings—this helps build the childs ear for music and also strengthens their desire to want to play each new piece (children are much more interested in trying something that they’ve already heard and are more able to play it correctly in a shorter peiod if they have already heard it; and an emphasis on playing both alone and in group classes where the children can learn from each other, encourage each other, build up friendly competetiveness (that leads the child to want to practice more), and constant review of older pieces so that skills learned will continue to be practiced and not forgotten. Also, the music as with many methods, is carefully selected to build up particular techniques all aiming towards the ability to put it all together to be able to play say “the Bach Double” and then go beyond from there. It is a method that aims at not just teaching the notes and the rhythms but at making music a fluent language for the student. There are many different versions of Suzuki Method being taught by many different people and finding the right one for each student is the most important thing.

Corinne said: Feb 4, 2004
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Thanks for your help! You have a good point. I think I may change may study question slightly… ;-)


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