Suzuki guitar—should practice parent have their own instrument?

Ian Kushner said: Feb 26, 2020
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My almost 5 year old son is just starting Suzuki guitar. I have finished the parent lessons, and he has his first lesson tonight.

For my parent lessons I borrowed a classical guitar from a friend. I’m wondering how important/beneficial it would be for me to have my own instrument moving forward as I work with my son to learn the songs. I don’t have any guitar experience aside from the parent lessons, but I do own a 3/4 size steel string acoustic guitar (I know it’s not the same thing).

Anyone have any thoughts? It seems to me like it would be helpful, but I can’t imagine that most cello practice parents, for example, are buying their own cellos.

Barbara Eadie said: Feb 27, 2020
Barbara Eadie
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Victoria, BC
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See how things go with you son. Ultimately you should probably own your own instrument. There are probably some low end models that would work for your situation. I always feel that borrowing should be short term.

Susan Beth Barak said: Feb 28, 2020
Susan Beth Barak
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Hi Ian, It’s awesome that you are taking lessons too! (The joys of Suzuki :-) There are some good lower end models available—research online and consult your teacher for recommendations. Another option is to rent until you are ready to purchase. Some stores/shops have rent-to-own plans as well. All best

MaryLou Roberts said: Mar 2, 2020
MaryLou RobertsTeacher Trainer
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My parents just use their child’s guitar. If they choose, they can buy their own. I suggest a used Cordoba which is usually easily available. For the purpose of trying out how it feels, demonstration and modeling, it is ok to use the small guitar. Some parents who already play actually make the child feel like it’s not their instrument by playing so well, fast and easily. So make sure to play slowly, and it will motivate. Another fun activity is for your child to “teach” you the skill they need to learn and “help” you learn it. Enjoy what ever you have and the time together with your child!

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