Pre-Twinklers recital participation


Lori Bolt said: Feb 24, 2019
Lori BoltPiano
San Clemente, CA
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I have two young beginners who won’t be ready to play a Twinkle at our upcoming recital (end of March). I still want them to participate—if possible, more than just a Suzuki bow. We’ll be performing at a Senior Residence.

Any ideas? I thought of adapting the Twinkle Concerto used for violins, but maybe you all have some better ideas! TIA!

Lori Bolt

Laura McDermott said: Feb 25, 2019
Laura McDermott
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I teach violin so what I do won’t be the same but it might give you some ideas. I have students show wherever they are at:

violin hold and focus: it may be thier arms up in playing position. It may be holding the violin on the shoulder no hands. It may be holding the violin showing how their violin hand is. If they are putting the bow on the string, it could also include that. I play a Twinkle variation while they demonstrate and focus.

Rhythms: Again they do wherever they are at whether that is doing the rhythms on their arm or on the violin.

Up like a Rocket: (It is a bow thing.) If students are holding the bow then they do it with the bow. If students are not holding the bow then they do the motions without the bow.

A Pre-twinkle piece if they know any. I teach 6 short little pieces before we start playing twinkle.

Maybe your students could play a certain note of twinkle while you play the other notes. i.e. they play all the A’s and you play everything else.

Laura McDermott

Mengwei Shen said: Feb 25, 2019
Mengwei Shen
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If they can play one rhythm with one finger, will that do? Off the piano, can they join a group of students in singing a song? (even better if another student plays piano along with it)

We sing/say this in my Pre-Twinkle group and have sound effects:

Hickory Dickory Dock—at the end of 1st phrase and 2nd phrase, play “tick tock” on a wood block or similar. After “the clock struck one [or another number]”—hit a triangle or other ringing sound once [or another number]. Finish the verse with another “tick tock”.

Pop Goes the Weasel—we start off doing an action for the “pop”, then use a resonator bell, before doing it with E string pizzicato (A for cello), and later add a string crossing for “pop goes”.

Wee Willie Winkie—this is a chant that’s used in Suzuki ECE. The last line is “for now it’s 8 o’clock” and the next action is playing a scale (we use an octave set of resonator bells or a xylophone).

Barbara Eadie said: Feb 25, 2019
Barbara Eadie
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Victoria, BC
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Perhaps they could play the first rhythm on the 2 open strings. Just a thought.

Kiyoko said: Mar 3, 2019
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It’s common to see pre-twinkles play open E during Twinkle with the right rhythm. If they are just starting, they sometimes just hold play position. If they know parts of Twinkle but not all, they can play what they know and play open E the rest of the time.

As Laura mentioned, there are also some pre-Twinkle songs floating around. There’s the French Folk Song, SeeSaw (E—A—E—A—BBBBA—A—) and variations along with those at this link, See the Pretty Flowers, Monkey Song.

After finishing pre-Twinkle pieces, pausing to release them, lets them watch the rest of the concert with their family.

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