Viola audition Advice

Zoe Sesma said: Feb 17, 2019
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Hi there, I am 18 years old and well I play viola. I have a little bit of a problem. I am auditioning for a symphony orchestra very soon and also auditioning for music scholarships but I have no idea what to play or how to go at it. Right now I am thinking about “Courante” Cello suite No.1 viola solo, or Campagnoli Caprice No.3 for viola and we also need 3-octave scales with open string, 1st finger and 2nd finger as the starting note, and one 3 octaves minor scale. If anyone has any information about the scales I should do or any excerpts that they think would be good for me please let me know. i would greatly appreciate it.

Carole Kane said: Feb 18, 2019
Carole Kane
Suzuki Association Member
Chesterfield, MO
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Do you have a private teacher?

Zoe Sesma said: Feb 18, 2019
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Yes I do

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