Sharing Suzuki Piano with children who may not have the opportunity

Natalie Khatibzadeh said: Sep 28, 2018
Natalie Khatibzadeh
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Cary, NC
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Dear Friends,

Hello! I was wondering if any of you know ways to provide children with the opportunity to learn Suzuki Piano (who might otherwise not have the opportunity to learn)? As a 4th-year doctorate student, I am just beginning Suzuki piano teacher training and have also just begun a Suzuki piano studio.

It is terrible that there are so many children who might like to experience the joy of music but cannot. I wonder if there are any national charities that support musical lessons or musical events for students, even as social gatherings (where students would have the opportunity to learn short melodies on the piano, as a children’s party setting)? Maybe even places like Ronald McDonald House, local shelters for homeless families, or local hospitals?

As you would all agree, music is a comfort that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy if they would like. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Best Wishes,

Natalie Khatibzadeh

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