Mixed ensemble with guitar?

Christina said: Sep 2, 2018
Suzuki Association Member
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Does anyone currently have students participating in mixed instrument ensembles that include guitars? If so, how successful have the results been, and how do you find repertoire?

Christina said: Sep 3, 2018
Suzuki Association Member
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One problem we are having is that guitars are so quiet compared to other instruments, particularly piano. I’m of the mind that it’s not a good idea to have both piano and guitar in the same group. I’ve never even heard of putting those two instruments together at this level, but our local program is wanting to have an ensemble with piano, flute and guitar. We tried it last year, and I just don’t think it worked well.

Melanie Drake said: Sep 3, 2018
Melanie Drake35 posts

I just want to add that the Greater Pittsburgh Suzuki Institute offered guitar and flute ensembles a few years ago. I’m not a musician myself, but as an audience member, I felt that the combination was striking. I’m sorry that I don’t recall the pieces.

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