How long take for a student complete the method for Piano


David Garcia said: May 20, 2018
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How long take for a student complete the suzuki books for Piano? and what is the best age to start?

Edmund Sprunger said: May 21, 2018
Edmund SprungerTeacher Trainer
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Saint Louis, MO
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I’m wondering what prompted you to ask the question…

Edmund Sprunger

Joanne Shannon said: May 21, 2018
Joanne Shannon
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Los Angeles, CA
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It depends on the student, the parent and the teacher. My oldest student started when he was six. He’s now 17 and in book 7. He also has gone through book 1 a second time playing all the pieces in 12 keys. He and his sister ( started at age 5 and now in book 6) are nearing the end of book 2 in all the keys. I also have them on a jazz curriculum and have added an occasional pieces and duets outside the books.. So, you see, there is no real answer to your question. It depends on how broadly you want to expand their abilities.

David Garcia said: May 21, 2018
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Thanks for your response, basically I am doing a research due to my son started when he was 7 in November 2014 and the concerto for complete the seven books is schedule to be on June 10th. of this year, Just I looking more insight due to I need to know what would be the right way for continue his piano career, if you know or has an idea I really appreciate

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