Awards for passing books?


Lois Reiter said: May 9, 2018
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Do any of you give awards for passing books? I’ve taken over directing the Suzuki string portion of a large pre-college music program. We have certificates for Twinkles and Book 1. The person who preceded me did ribbons for books 2 & 3 and then medals after that. I’d like to honor the hard work for students but see the medals as getting pretty expensive and after raising my own children and seeing what happened to awards (bottom of a drawer, left home, what do I do with all this “stuff”, I’m trying to figure out what is best. Any thoughts???

Arlene said: May 9, 2018
Arlene PattersonViolin
Longmont, CO
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My Twinkle graduates earn a Star Student award.

It’s a “gold” medal on a ribbon with “Star Student” written on the medal.
The medal is presented along with a pair of star shaped sunglasses.

I order both items from Oriental Trading company (online or catalog). Very inexpensive, lots of fun, and I think an appropriate incentive for and recognition of that hard work at the very early stages.


Karen Stefanik Collins said: May 9, 2018
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My students do a graduation recital/celebration for each book, earning a ribbon for each graduation. Young Musicians has a different colored ribbon for Twinkle and each Suzuki Volume (1-10). My own children (adults now) have these displayed in their bedrooms. The ribbons from Young Musicians come 5/pkg and are affordable—my students really look forward to their graduations!

Karen Stefanik Collins
Suzuki Violin

Lois Reiter said: May 10, 2018
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Gatesville, TX
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Thanks so much—and especially for the best place to order them!

Anne Brennand said: May 11, 2018
Anne Brennand
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Boulder, CO
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Hi all. I feel I need to compare musical accomplishment with intramural sports, particularly given where I reside, in Boulder Colorado. I therefore make sure each graduation is followed and enhanced by a reward/award medal.

For Twinkle graduations, as these are mainly very young students, I keep this simple, with a cello lapel pin. For advancing students, I choose a medal on a ribbon, inscribed with the year and Book, (about $3 each, from most awards organizations). The student who accomplishes completion of all 10 Books merits an inscribed star trophy, harkening back to the Twinkle pin.

In many ways I dislike this commercial physical award, and in other ways honor current culture—this is the way of things in sports and other venues. Does it matter to the student and family? That is the real final question.

Anne Brennand, cellist and cello teacher

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