Teaching a 4 years old Boy

Skarli Pena said: Mar 27, 2018
Skarli PenaViolin
Elk Grove, CA
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Hello friends, I would love to have some advise or tips on teaching little ones,
Im currently teaching a 4 years old boy at his home, I travel every saturday at 9 am for his 30 min lesson, we are working in Twinkle Twinkle variation A, but sometimes I feel like babysitting him, he lays on the floor saying he dont want to paly , parents are around always , but this little boy hardly wants to play violin, His dad offered him to buy new toys all the time if he plays violin for a little bit, sometimes that works and we hardly play for 10 min only , but when it doesnt I feel bad because he doesnt want to play with me, and he’s just complaning about not liking the violin at one point that he hit me with the bow :) and I was trying to explain him that we dont hit people and the dad just said “that’s it im not getting the new car for you” . I don’t know if I should tell the Parent to take a break from his lessons? what should I do ?

Nadia said: Mar 27, 2018
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My son didn’t listen to his instructor, either, when he started at age 4. The instructor taught ME instead! Yes, I took the lesson. I helped my son with whatever short length of home practice he managed. 5 min. several times a day. I played Suzuki violin CD at home several times a day/ in the car. I practiced at home, too, for myself. I always wanted to learn violin to begin with. After a month or two, my son grinned and told me he could easily do what I was doing, and showed me how to play Twinkle. His share of weekly lesson time gradually increased. I participated in the student recital to show my son that I was willing to do what I asked him to do. He’s now 13, and still playing violin, through ups and downs. In retrospect, it’s really about learning who my son is and what his learning style is, and for him to learn how to learn—listening, paying attention, daily practice, perseverance, and experiencing positive results. Music you hear and learn in Suzuki literature is wholesome, he got to hear all the great melodies before he turned “teen”.

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