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Deborah Apple said: Jan 21, 2018
Deborah Apple
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IMG 0296

IMG 0296

Image by Deborah Apple

IMG 0297

IMG 0297

Image by Deborah Apple

A student gave me this LP and I’m wondering if anyone here knows anything about it. It contains book 1 and I think the picture on the back is a young Dr. Suzuki. If anyone has any information or knows Japanese (I’m not even sure it’s Japanese, I’m just assuming!), I’d really appreciate it!

Mary Moser said: Feb 6, 2018
Mary MoserViolin, Viola
Erie, PA
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Oh my gosh! How cool is that! I’d want to hear it!
Maybe take another picture where it will be upright and see if you can find an online free translate application. There so much out there! It is indeed Japanese. And of course that’s Dr Suzuki himself! :) You have a historical item there! Treasure it. :)

Mary Moser

Joanne Shannon said: Feb 6, 2018
Joanne Shannon
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Los Angeles, CA
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Don’t lose that! Frame it.

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