Help with Left Hand Position/Posture for young beginners

Claire Devries said: Aug 23, 2017
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Hello group,

My son and I are trying to take advantage of our studio’s summer break by polishing pieces and postures. We’ve been taking lessons in a little bit over a year (book 1). When I flipped through my note, bar none our biggest “snag” is left hand position: the tall, leaning left hand that touches the string only on the leaning tip, nails looking past through the shoulder, thumb straight and not gripping, and the gap between the thumb and the index finger (the “v” shape). My son is still gripping with thumb/thumb not straight, and his fingers (1,2,3,4) are not as tall as it should be and the leaning-side of the tips are not touching the string (he tends to put the middle of his fingertips on the string). I hope this explanation makes sense.

These are what we’ve tried so far with his teacher:

  1. Drawing a line on his left hand 1,2 finger so it matches where it should land on the string (the lines do not dissect the nail right in the middle but more toward the leaning side of the fingers)
  2. Drawing a flower on the base knuckle of the 1st finger so it “stays above ground” namely stay high up above the fingerboard.
  3. Drawing where his thumb should touch, or drawing with a water-base marker so if he grips with his thumb, the drawing would be smeared.

I realize the position is not.. natural? He seems to want to put his whole tip of his fingers on the string. And to make matter a bit worse, my son just wants to play song (although we all realize posture is quite important in producing good tone). He can hold the position right when doing finger exercises, but once he plays any song (even the easier ones like Twinkle/Lightly Row) posture goes away. If it makes any difference, he just moved up a size in violin. Any other ideas that we can incorporate in our practice? We would appreciate any ideas or thoughts, thank you in advance!

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