Avoiding the bribe

Edward said: Aug 23, 2017
Edward Obermueller
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How do we rewards kids without bribing them?

We want kids to practice for the sake of its own reward. We want them to discover the joy of hearing music for its own sake, as well as the inner satisfaction of daily practice as a discipline. Good music is satisfying in itself, but attaining that level of satisfaction is a gradual process for a child.

We can help them by understanding a difference between rewards and results. We want to help kids see their results. That is its own reward, AND there are ways we can help put that in front them visually.

I recently revised my thinking on using rewards after an in-depth conversation about the subject at a recent Institute. I share my thoughts in Practice Tip #5—Use (Visual) Rewards. There is also a free resource there to help track results of Twinkle Rhythm practice.

How do you interpret the difference between rewards and results?

Happy practicing,

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