Tanya said: Jul 12, 2017
Tanya CareyTeacher Trainer
Suzuki Association Member
Glen Ellyn, IL
52 posts

One of my teacher trainees has moved to a new area. At my suggestion she called a Suzuki teacher to introduce herself. The teacher agreed to recommend her for names on her wait list for a percentage of the lesson fee. The teacher trainee asked me: 1. is this typical? 2. what should she do? Any suggestions out there? I have never encountered this.

Paula Bird said: Jul 12, 2017
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Piano, Viola
Wimberley, TX
404 posts

I have never encountered that either. Seems to fly in the face of the Suzuki community spirit, doesn’t it?

Paula E. Bird
TX State University
Wildflower Suzuki Studio (blog) (podcast)

Emily Morgan said: Jul 13, 2017
Emily Morgan
Suzuki Association Member
Jamestown, NC
17 posts

That seems very fishy! Teachers should not have to pay other teachers for recommendations.

Edmund Sprunger said: Jul 13, 2017
Edmund SprungerTeacher Trainer
Suzuki Association Member
Saint Louis, MO
105 posts

I’ve never heard of it; and I also wonder it it’s legal.

Edmund Sprunger

Joanne Shannon said: Jul 13, 2017
Joanne Shannon
Suzuki Association Member
Los Angeles, CA
142 posts

I think that kind of thing is what separates her from the rest. I guess when you find out who you’re dealing with upfront you’ll know not to get involved with her in the future.

Ingrid Popp said: Jul 14, 2017
Ingrid Popp
Suzuki Association Member
Viola, Violin
Saint Louis, MO
10 posts

I would never get involved in an arrangement like this. If I referred a student to another teacher, I would never expect anything more than maybe a simple thank you e-mail. I would imagine most students put on a waiting list will either find another teacher on their own or wait for an opening with the original teacher.
If your trainee has a listing on the teacher finder here, and advertises locally, I imagine many of the wait-listed students will find her anyway.

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