Keeping up practice/lesson on a year travelling

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Tuan Huy said: Jun 18, 2017
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My kids both do suzuki violin (1 at the end of book 1 and 1 in the early part). I don’t have any musical education at all and feel like our progress so far is hard won and the kids and I are keen to keep progressing (their Dad is less keen but that’s another story!) The problem is that we are going to be travelling for a year with stays of a couple of months in San Francisco, Vancouver and Sydney but also a fair amount of backpacking. Has anyone done similar and managed to keep the practice going and do you have any tips? Also, do you think we’d be able to find teachers willing to take us on for 8 weeks or so when we are in one place for a while? Our current violin teacher has offered to do some Skype lessons but I think we are going to need some hands on support too.

We’d also be keen to do some group lessons as we’re going to be homeschooling due to moving around so much so it would be great for the kids to meet other kids.


Joanne Shannon said: Jun 18, 2017
Joanne Shannon
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Los Angeles, CA
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That sounds like a real challenge and lots of fun. Have your teacher get out the membership book and see what’s available. I’m sure you will find plenty of contributors to your adventure….and don’t forget to listen to the recording!

MaryLou Roberts said: 14 hours ago
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I had a student who went to France for a year and we continued with skype lessons. It would be great to have in person occasional lessons, but since they sound sporadic, you might consider skype with your home teacher to stay motivated and connected. It is a different experience to play for your teacher on camera, and a lot of children like that.

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