Tips for Book 3

Macleod Conrad said: Jun 10, 2017
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My child is studying Minuet by Bach on Book 3 and he’s been on that song for a long period of time. He keeps on struggling on the notes. Does anyone have any tips?

P.S. He finished all other books 1 and 2 so he knows anything but I don’t know what is happening to him.

Marian Goss said: Jun 12, 2017
Marian Goss
Suzuki Association Member
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Is your son listening to the reference recording for book 3? In my experience, students who struggle with notes or rhythm may not be listening enough to the recording. However, if this is a shifting matter or an issue with playing in G minor, I would ask your teacher for some guidance. The G minor scale is presented in the beginning of book 3 as most of the pieces are in the same key. There are also several optional shifts that students can try with guidance from their private teacher. If your child has had little experience shifting, you may want to try some shifting exercises. Good luck!

Joanne Shannon said: Jun 12, 2017
Joanne Shannon
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Los Angeles, CA
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I agree about the listening. I’ve noticed that the further along some of my students move, the more they think they don’t need the recordings because they are beginning to read. So……I have to check with them occasionally about how much listening they are doing, sometimes more than my twinklers!

Jo S

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