Strings director for a new social Program in Trujillo, Peru

Inkeri said: Jun 5, 2017
Urb Neptuno - Surco Lima, Peru
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Dear all,

The Suzuki spirit spreads in wonderful ways!
A Suzuki parent decided to promote a Suzuki Strings Program as part of the social responsibility program of his company.
The company is fully commited to support with instruments and salaries to reach 60 children and their families in a rural area called Virú, one hour from Trujillo, in the coastal side of Peru.
Now we need the key person, the leader that will train teachers (there are no Suzuki strings teachers in Trujillo) and parents in the Suzuki philosophy and make a real change in the lives of these families, specially in these sensible times after the huaycos (floods) destroyed most of the crops and small houses.
The program starts on August, 2017. There is a $1500 salary for the director, full time dedication. Book 1 violin, spanish, and a strong Suzuki vision is needed. Preferably, teaching both violin and cello. The contract is for one year.
Thank you for sharing and reaching the right person!

Inkeri Petrozzi
[javascript protected email address]
Suzuki Association of Peru

Kurt Meisenbach said: Jun 9, 2017
Kurt Meisenbach
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Viola, Violin
Plano, TX
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I commend you for your ambitious program. Music should be available to people of all backgrounds and situations regardless of where they live.

I live and teach Suzuki violin and viola in Punta del Este, Uruguay. You can learn more about my background in my CV which is in the SAA web site or by entering Kurt Meisenbach Viola in google.

I am very interested in your program. Although I will not be able to participate in it personally, I am developing a Suzuki Web Site that can help your project and accelerate the learning process of your students.

I plan to launch the Spanish version of the web site (for violin and viola) for Book-1 of Suzuki in January of 2018, although many of the materials will be ready before then and available for you to use. Additional Suzuki levels will be developed after the January launch.

The materials will include the following:
• A Student Training Guide. This will include special exercises, color charts, basic music theory and practice suggestions for each piece in Suzuki Book-1.
• A Parent Teaching Guide. This will include instructions for each page in the Student Training Guide. These instructions help the parents to become better teachers at home more quickly.
• A Teacher Guide. This will include suggestions on how to teach the materials to the student.
• A Group Lesson Guide. This will include suggestions for group lessons. The ideas are based on my own experience and the experiences of many other successful Suzuki teachers.
• Videos. These will include a teacher introduction, parent training and individual student lessons.

I am developing these materials for our Suzuki students at La Escuela de Música de Maldonado in Punta del Este, Uruguay, where we have 24 Suzuki violin and viola students from ages 6 to 13. Each day I update the materials based on what works best for the students and their parents. The results are encouraging. The students are interested – they concentrate better during their weekly private lesson, the parents become better teachers at home more quickly and the teachers do not have to spend as much time preparing for each lesson. The materials are progressively organized and they follow closely the materials in the Suzuki Book-1.

I am confident that you will find these materials to be as useful for your project as they have been for our project here in Uruguay. All the materials mentioned here will be in Spanish.

When the web site is launched in January, there will be a charge. However, your project is special. It will take music to a place it would not otherwise be able to go. If you are interested in using these materials, I will make them available to you at no charge. This includes the materials and the time that I will spend with you to make your project successful.

These materials will not replace the need to have good teachers in Trujillo (Viru), but it will make their job easier and will enable your students to learn faster and their parents to become better teachers at home. With these materials, your teachers will be more confident and will be able to teach more effectively from the first day of class.

Your students may not have internet access. This will not be a big problem. The written materials are very comprehensive and your teachers will be able to use them successfully without web site access.

If you are interested, please contact me through the SAA web site or by email at [javascript protected email address]. I will look forward to working with you to make your project successful.

Best wishes,

Kurt Meisenbach

Inkeri said: Jun 11, 2017
Urb Neptuno - Surco Lima, Peru
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Dear Kurt,
Big thanks! I think this will help the program a lot!
Best wishes,

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