cello students looking at left hand constantly

Judy Dempster said: May 27, 2017
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Does anyone have any suggestions how to get 2 of my young students aged 9 not to play looking at their left fingers all the time?
Have spoken to these boys (and their mothers who attend the lesson) that the kids must play with a straight back and their head up, looking forward.



Briana said: Jun 1, 2017
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SO following. If anyone has the silver bullet for this, I need to know!

Briana said: Jun 1, 2017
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I have had a little luck with putting the fuzzy side of a Velcro attachment on the back of the cello’s neck where their thumb should live for first position. If they can feel where their thumb goes, it helps.

Anne Brennand said: Jun 2, 2017
Anne Brennand
Suzuki Association Member
Cello, Suzuki Early Childhood Education
Boulder, CO
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Tonalizations with eyes closed. More attention to bow and sound. I tell young students that ears can see (when fingers are on tapes), and eyes can listen (see “fat” strings).

Anne Brennand, cellist and cello teacher

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