Building Noble Hearts—Episode 1 “You Have to Go On, You Have to Grow”

Margaret Watts Romney said: Apr 24, 2017
Margaret Watts Romney
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Longmont, CO
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Have you heard our first episode? Want to talk about it or ask Winifred Crock more about her experiences? Chime in here!

Haven’t heard the episode yet? Find it here.

Christine said: Apr 24, 2017
Christine GoodnerInstitute Director
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Hillsboro, OR
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I loved it—what a great podcast! Is this about the length that future episodes will be?

Christine Goodner

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Margaret Watts Romney said: Apr 26, 2017
Margaret Watts Romney
Suzuki Association Member
Longmont, CO
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Hello, Christine!
Thanks for the kudos! We’re happy you enjoyed it!
Episode length: We want to give each topic the time it needs, but not take too much of your time, so we are aiming for around 18 min for each episode.

Thanks for writing!

Anne Marie said: May 5, 2017
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Troy, NY
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This is a wonderful program. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to create it.

I have a question: Winifred, in your time with Dr. Suzuki, what did he say about adult learners?

Sometimes when we teach the parent with the child, the adult takes on a commitment and love of music quite independent of their interest in what their child is doing. The adult rejoices in developing his or her own musical ability. Did he talk about this phenomenon or about adults learning at all?

Thank you for any insight you can share!

Anne Marie

Winifred Crock said: May 5, 2017
Winifred CrockSAA Board
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Anne Marie,
While I don’t remember him commenting directly about parents as musicians, he was very supportive in teaching and helping anyone who was serious about musical growth. All who were serious about learning were welcomed in his studio and group class to play or to observe. I believe his actions spoke volumes about his belief in everyone’s capacity to learn. He was at a stage where he could have been very selective about who was accepted into his studio. His expectations were very high but he was very generous with his time. He was very open and we all grew as people and as musicians.

Elizabeth Erb Sherk said: May 6, 2017
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Dear respondents on this topic of ” Building Noble Hearts: Episode 1″ : Margaret, Christine, Anne Marie and Winifred Crock

….I would like to hear or read the original to which I believe you are all responding. However, I have not been able to locate it. Can any of you assist me? I love the title of the topic—”You have to go on; You have to grow.”

Thank you,

Elizabeth Sherk

Margaret Watts Romney said: May 6, 2017
Margaret Watts Romney
Suzuki Association Member
Longmont, CO
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Hello, Elizabeth! We are talking about Episode 1 from our podcast “Building Noble Hearts: Inside a Teaching Community.” You can find it in a number of places.

* If you subscribe to other podcasts, you can go on iTunes or the Stitcher App and look it up by the title. If you subscribe to the podcast, then new episodes will be automatically accessible on your phone.


* On the SAA homepage, scroll down just a bit to the news feed and you will find our newest episodes there.

Glad you’re joining the conversation!

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