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Rosemary Frey said: Apr 16, 2017
Bethlehem, PA
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Does anyone know of a viola CD or violin book 2 CD where there is an introduction?
I use them for concerts, and the kids have no prep before they come in.
(There is now a revised violin book 1 CD that has intros to each song)
Thank you!

Karen Stefanik Collins said: Apr 17, 2017
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Summerfield, NC
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Could you use the Smart Music program? It is sold online as a yearly subscription. You would only need the student subscription (educator subscription is only for setting up a Smart Music gradebook). It is fantastic for students to use for practicing too! After you purchase it, you just download the program on your computer and then download the Suzuki viola books. It has all the Suzuki books—solo parts and piano accompaniments. You can also change the tempo, set practice loops, record yourself, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Karen Stefanik Collins
Suzuki Violin

Jennifer Visick said: May 6, 2017
Jennifer VisickForum Moderator
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If you have an electronic piano, you can feed Linda Perry’s MIDI tracks into the piano; they have intros, and can be whatever speed (or key) you like.

Kerstin Wartberg has the first half of viola book 1 (through Allegro), and also all of violin book 2, available for download at

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