Arranger of the Piano Accompaniments

Breanna said: Apr 13, 2017
Breanna ThorntonViolin, Viola
Iowa City, IA
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Who arranged the piano accompaniments for the violin Suzuki books? Can I assume Suzuki did or did someone else? Thanks


Breanna Thornton
MM Violin Performance; MA String Pedagogy

Gail said: Apr 14, 2017
Gail GebhartTeacher Trainer
Suzuki Association Member
Farmington Hills, MI
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I think Doris Preucil arranged many of them.

Hatsuho said: Apr 24, 2017
Hatsuho Kuwayama
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Piano, Cello
Meguro-Ku Tokyo, Japan
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I have Suzuki books from my childhood, both violin and piano parts. They were published in Japan during the 1950’s by Zen On Inc. Non of the Zen On editions acknowledge arrangers for piano accompaniments. Exactly the same arrangements for Books 1-10 have been used for the Summy-Birchard editions in the US later, except some changes in Books 1-3 (Book 3 Minuet and Humoresque, for example) .

My guess is Suzuki Piano accompaniment is an assortment of different sources; some of them might have been written by Dr. Suzuki , and some others were either chosen by Dr. Suzuki, or adapted from other editions that were brought back from Europe by him or were available in Japan back in those days.

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