Poor back posture and how to make it better


Kristiina said: Jan 24, 2017
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Im writing to get more ideas on how to develop poor back posture of my nearly 4 year old, whos played for one year now. She progresses really well but Ive noticed that her back gets all bent when she plays. So standing just with the violin everything is fine, its the bowing that gets the back in a bend. I know its because she is balancing the weight of the violin and her hand holding and the bow, but its quite hard to correct. And when she plays new stuff it tends to get worse. Nothing strange in that but any ideas how to correct it? Today i took of my shirt and showed her and asked her to correct me which she did and we had fun with that, but it is hard for her to do with her own posture. She is 3 so its no wonder, but as she progresses so well Im scared that it will be a bad habit that will be a problem as she grows playing violin.

So the back bends backwards and to the right side. If I just tell her to pick up posture, she will raise her shoulders and tuck the tummy in.

The set up is fine, bow hold is great and bow arm and so is the posture of the left hand, and the violin is almost parallel to the ground so its just this back thing that need correcting at the moment, its just that im afraid that she will get skoliosis if she grows playing with a back and side bend of back.

Any ideas or exercises that anyone has come up with? From what Ive seen, this is indeed a common problem, dont know if it common because its so hard to correct though. Especially with a very young children its hard because she just hasnt got the feel of her muskels yet.

Do little violinists grow out of it just by themselves or how much work do we need to do with this thing at home? Im really proud fo her being able to do everything she can and the teacher is good, but posture is something we have to tackle at home as you cannot fix it in 15 minutes per week and we have so much other things to do during class anyway.

Thanks in advance and in case someone remembers I asked help last time last spring when we were struggling through lessons though homepractise went well. Well if someone remembers my last post, I want to add that it was a maturity issue and solved itself during summer and attending lessons has been easy since, especially after I introduced an after lesson icecream lol.

And thank you in advance for anyone posting any advice :)

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