Students stopping dead in their tracks

Edward said: Jan 10, 2017
Edward Obermueller
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Parents and teachers, what in your experience causes students to stop playing in the middle of a piece? As in, they are playing along, and then they just…stop. And then ask if they can start over. (Assuming the piece is memorized and they are not stopping for that reason.)

To start the conversation, here is one I see frequently with beginning violin: frustration with extra noise, caused by accidentally playing on more than one string. Very distracting. Believe it or not, I was not taught specifically what to do about that as a young player.

I use the Elevator to explain what is happening in this particular case. I wrote down how i do it here:

Please share your experience.

Happy practicing,

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Briana said: Jan 10, 2017
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Great stuff—thank you!

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