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Ghost People said: Nov 2, 2016
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how can I become a Chapter Affiliate of the Suzuki Association of the Americas? Kindly help me !

Margaret Watts Romney said: Nov 3, 2016
Margaret Watts Romney
Suzuki Association Member
Longmont, CO
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Hello! Great to hear of your interest in becoming a Chapter.

Here is a little information from our page about how to become a Chapter:
“If you are part of an organization or group of Suzuki teachers interested in becoming a Chapter Affiliate, the SAA is more than willing to help walk you and your organization through understanding and completing this process. There are several basic requirements for becoming a Chapter Affiliate:

  • First, Chapters must be comprised of or encompass a specified area, usually a state, province, or smaller area and must be inclusive of all Suzuki instrument groups.

  • They must also maintain 100% SAA membership (for which we provide confirmation resources) and a minimum of 30 teacher members. In addition to teacher members, Chapters may also include parent members.

  • And finally, Chapters must be incorporated and include by-laws that are consistent with the SAA’s own by-laws (for which we provide guidelines to achieve and maintain).”


Here is the link to the page on our website where you can find that information and more:


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