How to raise a violinist in US?

Tak Kanda said: Aug 9, 2016
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My son is 12, and he is at Suzuki Book #9. He has finished the Solo for Young Violinists among other pieces. Although he hates practicing theory (scales, arpeggios, fingering exercise) and etudes, he does it (after a threat that he is not going to be a good violinist.) Besides violin, he plays piano, and he has passed the level 8 of MDP’s test last summer. He loves playing violin and piano.

This summer, with my son’s insistence, I took him to a special music school for two weeks of an intense training in Europe. I figure he’s either going to quit violin/piano or realize that he needs to push himself more. There, he practiced from 10AM to 6 or 8PM in their practice room, while I was laying on the chair all the time from food poisoning (my son had the mild one, but that’s another topic.). After two weeks, I was so burnt out. My son wasn’t. On the day of the return (after more than 30 hours of flight plus layover), he was still excited to go to the orchestra camp to show off his new found ability.

Now here is my question.

In Europe, kids at his age who have the desire for music have opportunity to attend the intense music school. I have never heard of one in US. Only alternative here seems like a home school. Here is my problem. I am a working single father. I am also supporting my mother, because she has a blood cancer. So I can’t provide him the home school type environment or the money to do so. Is there any good alternative for my son or any kids at the middle school age in US?

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