Ice breakers for group lessons?

Kirbee Nykamp said: Jul 7, 2016
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I doing some mixed-level group lessons this summer for my non-Suzuki students. I’m hoping to use this time to develop some skills in things like Blue Jello Rhythms and some ear-training and sight reading skills.

However, although a few students know each other, most don’t. Anybody have suggestions for some fun ice-breaker games I can start those first couple of lessons with? I have a beginner level (this is mainly 2nd-4th graders), and then an “advanced” level (which is 5th-7th this year).

I know there are a wealth of good string and group games, but especially ones that work for kids just getting comfortable with the concept of group lessons and they wonderful fun they can be.


Swan said: Jul 8, 2016
Swan Kiezebrink
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Here are a few fun ice breakers for you! 1). Musical “This or That?” Make/have a small deck of index cards with questions such as, “would you prefer to practice with mom or with dad?” (age appropriate of course for the different groups). Then call that out and those that are “mom” on one side of the room; those that are “dad” on the other. Then call out the next question, same results. My teens can do about 15 or so before their interest wanes, the younger ones less. The more funny or ridiculous the better. 2). Musical Sentences: take strips of sturdy paper and write ridiculous/ funny/serious sentences on them. Make another set of dynamics/feelings (again, age appropriate). Then they each take turns turning over a sentence and dynamic and reading it that way. Everyone else guesses. On to the next person. 3). Concentration: sit in a circle; count to 10 (younger) patting thighs in a steady beat. . Stop. Decide what number to NOT say aloud. Then 2, then 3. The variations on this are limitless- just use your imagination. Hope that helps!

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