Theme From Witches Dance….understanding the music.

Woo So said: Jul 1, 2016
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Hello Everyone!
I have basic note reading and book 1 violin skills. I try to assist my daughter’s Suzuki Violin Studies and her teacher by analysing and illustrating the suzuki music with finger positions and some colour coding of segments to make the initial learning of pieces easier. It has worked well for us. Book 1 and book 2 have not posed too many problems…but Witches Dance, despite sounding rather simple is full of very quirky little half notes and variations.

After quite a few hours of study and playing the piece (squeakilly alone!) I have almost understood and illustrated the compostion. I must thank Doree Huneven for her fantastic video on YouTube, Violin Class 48: Theme from Witches Dance, who has made understanding this piece possible.

However I am stuck on Line 21! There are three Gs in the first bar. Is the 2nd G in the first bar a Low 2, and the other 2 G sharp?

Many thanks,

Paula Bird said: Jul 3, 2016
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They are all G#. The custom is to put the sharp on the first note of the measure (measure 21) and the next G in that measure will stay G# as well. It’s called an accidental and that’s the rule. That’s why measure 22 has the sharp reprinted, because it was canceled when the measure/bar line occurred.

By the way this high 2 place is a teaching point. Up to now book 2 has trained students to play low 2 and stretch 4th finger. Now this song reminds us about playing high 2 and regular pinky. No stretch other than the high 2.

Hope this helps!



Paula E. Bird
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Woo So said: Aug 1, 2016
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Thank you for the explanation, it helps a lot to understand the written music note by note, particularly when starting a new piece. The nice thing is that my daughter quickly finds the notes through hunting by ear and playing to recordings, but the score acts as a spring board, and helps me point to repetition points during practice lessons. I am not sure if all children like Witches Dance, but a few weeks since beginning it, it has become a clear favourite, and played with lots of enthusiasm!

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