Violin Rep List w/ “Teaching Points” for each song


Melissa Devolve said: Jun 21, 2016
Melissa Devolve2 posts

Hi there! I have two boys, ages 15 and 12 who are in books 7 and 5 respectively. I heard an idea today at Institute and want to implement it but don’t know how!

Re: “purposeful reviews,” I’d love to make an index card for each review song (books 1-6), along with the focus point for each song (i.e., Twinkle marathon teaches rhythms, Song of the Wind teaches bow circles, etc). Has anyone already done this? I’m always looking for ways to make review time more efficient versus just “checking the box” to get it done.


Melissa D. in Colorado

Paula Bird said: Jun 22, 2016
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Sue Hunt has done this, and it’s very helpful!

Paula E. Bird
TX State University
Wildflower Suzuki Studio (blog) (podcast)

Melissa Devolve said: Jun 22, 2016
Melissa Devolve2 posts

Thank you! :))

Valerie said: Jun 22, 2016
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I’m interested in this too, but am not finding it on her website. Could you point me to it, pretty please? :o)

Sue Hunt said: Jun 24, 2016
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You can copy and paste the website page,

The ebook features both blank and focus cards for books 1—3. The latter contain multiple focus points for each piece, which in my opinion, makes review more interesting.

There are also sets of Twinkle and Perpetual Motion studies for all of the pieces in violin (and viola) books 1—3.

It contains tons of ideas on how to review successfully and some lucky dip review games to help you focus on specifics.

Although violin books 1—3 are full of valuable review material, I’d love to chat about review with other teachers and parents, especially about teaching points for books 4—6.

If you go to my site and click on the 6 Free Games, I can keep you up to date with improvements to the review ebook. There will be a new version coming out later this year, but if you have bought it already, you can email me for a free link to the new version.

Valerie said: Jun 25, 2016
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Sue, this sounds awesome! I’m not all that familiar with the violin books. Any idea how many pieces are in common with the cello books?

Sue Hunt said: Jun 26, 2016
Sue HuntViola, Violin
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There is a list of the violin pieces at

Hope that helps.

Alan Duncan said: Jun 28, 2016
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Bill Starr did something like that in “The Suzuki Violinist” but as I glance through it now it looks like he covers Books 1-5 in detail then the remain books are not.

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