Recommendations for 4/4 Violin for mom to practice with son

Sharon Bruen said: May 20, 2016
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I have a four year old who started to play violin in September. His teacher has loaned me a Nagoya Suzuki 220 for the year to practice with him. She also makes parents learn the basics so have a better understanding of Suzuki. Anyways, it is time to give the violin back.

I want to buy a cheap violin for myself so I can still practice with him. He actually practices a lot better this way. His teacher is wonderful but is not familiar with cheaper brand violins. We also live in a small town so the violin has to come almost ready to play. I’ve read reviews of pegs and strings needing to be changed out in order for make cheaper violins be playable.

Does anyone have a brand to recommend? I would like to spend $200. Any higher than $300, I will just buy a Nagoya like I’ve been using.

Thanks in advance.

Anita Knight said: May 23, 2016
Anita Knight
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Hello Sharon,
I purchase alot of instruments for rentals and purchase for my students!
My favorite resource is Shar music, on their Clearance page, or better yet, their annual Dutch Auction (April). I’ve gotten good quality student instruments for up to 60% off there!
I find their instruments very consistent in quality, and purchase the Franz Hoffman Prelude and higher varieties. Their clearance instruments are rental returns or those with slight blemishes; neither of which affect sound quality; however since they just cleared out, you may have to wait a bit to get your size and price range.
I would get the most expensive Clearance instrument you feel you can afford. If you’re in doubt, give a call—the staff is wonderfully knowledgeable and helpful! I’ve had nothing but good experience with dozens of purchases!

Anita Knight
“Joyful Sound Violin Studio”

Eva Brodbeck said: Jun 16, 2016
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I really recommend Cremona series, the best priced and quality for beginners.
Trust me, you need to pick a decent instrument to appreciate the sound you’d make. Don’t fool yourself to purchase something dirt cheap and make it a pain to playing daily. You can find Cremona SV 150 from amazon for both you and your son and they’re really wonderful. Spend $450 total to start your musical journey isn’t an outrageous investment and it worths every penny of it. I’ve started with some cheaper brands with my daughter. Now both of us can play the simple songs from Suzuki book 1 we decided to upgrade to something better. I’m glad we finally bid goodbye to the squeaky sound and awkwad bows from the cheapo I bought before. We really started to enjoy playing now and it makes practice so much easier. My daughter is four years old and had started playing violin last Fall. We just finished Lightly Row and started working on Sound of the wind. So much to say but one important thing is to buy a decent instrument from the very beginning!

Sylvia said: Jun 28, 2016
Sylvia Evert
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Don’t forget Craigslist— take someone with you who can play well/knows about violins. We got an awesome 3/4 violin for my daughter for about $100. All her teachers (lessons and Institutes) were impressed, and the technician that checked it out for us after we bought it was very happy we got such a good deal. It was a joy to listen to as well.

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