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Lina said: Apr 26, 2016
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Hello there,

My daughter loves moving with the music. I decided to let her follow suzuki piano course and we have attended together. As a new piano mom, I have the following question:

What can we do properly after teacher’s session?

I am a bit at loss if I am doing is correct. Here below is my sequence:

  1. Bowing to each other to start the session
  2. Let her find ‘do’
  3. I show the first sentence of variation 1.
  4. Let her follow me when I play (usually it’s very difficult part)
  5. Bowing to each other to end the session

I find she’s too much focussing on the finger setting and dares not try further with next note.

What can I do to help her and myself?

Any advice for beginner will be helpful.

Best regards,


Andrea Simms said: Apr 28, 2016
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Oakland, CA
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Hi Lina, Your teacher is the best person to answer these questions. Watch carefully how the teacher does it and perhaps video. Then ask the teacher for specific instructions on how to work with your child. Perhaps the teacher can sit at the piano and have you work with her as if she was your child, and the teacher can correct you until you have it right.
If the teacher is not leaving time at the end of the lesson to do this, then ask him/her to.
Good luck!

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