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Paula Bird said: Apr 22, 2016
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I wanted to let everyone know (parents and teachers alike) that I have begun producing two weekly podcasts that are designed to help both parents and teachers about a variety of topics. The main podcast series has published three episodes so far:

001 What is the Suzuki Method? (basic features of the Suzuki Method)

002 The 6 Suzuki Philosophy Points (and I answer the question of why I think it matters that parents believe)

003 Are You Listening? (deep look at the Suzuki listening requirement and some interesting research and stories to back up the importance of this daily requirement)

004 10 Things a Suzuki Parent Should Know (My top 10 list) (this 4th episode will publish on Sunday at 3:00 pm CST

Episode 5 will air on May 1 and discuss how parents can help a child at the child’s lesson.

There is a shorter podcast series called “Reflections.” Currently published completely on SoundCloud, my shorter 2-3 minute long “Reflections” podcast explores some of Dr. Suzuki’s quotes and suggests weekly things that a parent or teacher could do to brighten the life of a child.

To find out more about the podcasts, you can go here:

Teach Suzuki Podcast—by Paula E. Bird

“Reflections” Podcast

Please consider visiting both podcasts and listening. I would appreciate any feedback, comments, and suggestions. My intention is to provide helpful information for both parents and teachers, and I hope that the Suzuki community will find some value in my podcasts.


Paula E. Bird
teachsuzuki.blogspot.com (blog)
teachsuzuki.com (podcasts)

Paula E. Bird
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http://teachsuzuki.blogspot.com (blog)
http://teachsuzuki.com (podcast)

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