group play is a must?


Lily said: Mar 3, 2016
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Hello group,

My daughter is 12 year old now and she has played Violin since 7. She played music summer camp two year ago, and she joined the orchestra 1 years ago. She didn’t really like both. She joined the violin summer camp before she could really read music. As a student in Suzuki Violin, she relies more on her ear. So she doesn’t have good experience with both group playing.

Yesterday her violin teacher told her if she didn’t want to play in a group and she would quit violin in another year. My daughter likes playing violin, even though she skips some practice times, but she keeps on playing and starts to enjoying more about music. Her main issue is that she sometimes doesn’t follow teacher’s instruction to practice in a certain way. She is supposed to ask me to help with her to fix her ankle while she practices vibrato. Even I offered my help, she didn’t come to me and the teacher gets a bit frustrated to not to see any improvement.

I don’t know whether it’s because her violin teacher gets frustrated and don’t want to teach her anymore or I need to register in a local fiddlers’s group to try some other type of group play. Her teacher really pushes her to play in a fiddler’s group.

I am concerned that whether my daughter is not comfortable in a group play and what bothers her. I don’t want to commit her in a fiddler’s group before she is fully willing to do so. Any suggestions?

Rebecca said: Mar 5, 2016
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I am not sure I understood what is going on. If she does not play with the fiddler’s group, the teacher will ask her to leave in a year, or if she does not play in the group then the teacher thinks your daughter will just give up playing in a year? Is this fiddler’s group part of the violin program your daughter is in? Is it in the studio policy that your daughter must play in a group outside of her private lessons?

Lily said: Mar 5, 2016
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Hello Rebecca, thanks for replying me. The teacher said if my daughter didn’t play in the group then the teacher thought my daughter will likely give up playing violin after one more year of playing.
Yesterday I clarified with the teacher again, she said that in tune or be adaptable to other violin players is important in playing violin, also group play can also get one motivated by having a social group to keep up with. The fiddler’s group is not associated with the violin teacher.
My daughter is playing violin level 5 and recently her progress in violin is slow and she has played solo for a relatively long time. The teacher may get concerned about her motivation. On the other hand, my daughter told me that she would like to have music enjoyment in her life. Therefore she’ll continue playing violin. But she is not a perfectionist. So she doesn’t put too much effort into it other than routine playing.
After talking with school music teacher, my daughter can start playing violin in her school band to give her some exposure of group play. And she can also join school chamber orchestra.
This may address the teagher’s concern.
I still don’t quite understand group play importance in a solo player. But I can follow the teacher’s suggestion. Anyone can comment on the group play?

Further my question, what can I do to make my daughter feel enjoyable in group playing? Thanks, Lily

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