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Gustavo Woltmann said: Feb 29, 2016
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I just started a new job and took 15 students over from the old teacher. ( well 3 quit after, all saying they’re to busy).All of them have tight thumbs and elbow way underneath violin. 2 sisters are at book 4( well they were before the former teacher took them, but then she took them off Suzuki and taught them other material( for purpose to teach shifting). last pieces they played were from the Rumanian folk dances , no review at all. )I took a class from Susan Kempter a few years ago( how mucles learn and use lots of those priniples) But I find it difficult to reteach the relaxed wrist and getting the hand that often pushed underneath the violin out from under it and relaxed. I let them “tickle the violin”( going softly up and down violin and playing a piece or 2 with harmonic.)I started to go back to book 1 with the 2 sisters, but then realized that it wasn’t the best idea to do that.( mom and girls and I had a talk and one of the girls actually wants to learn hymns, the other said she want to be able to read well. I thought to let them do some review and work only at beginning of lesson with relaxing hand,etc and then add other material. Thinking starting to do vibrato exercises might actually help with relaxing.)( My friend told me she never goes back to book 1 bec it discouraged the students.) Thinking I might have to do a compromise….What do you do and if you do use other pieces what do you use? Also wondering if doing that mixed approach does any good? But only working on relaxing and changing will probably make them all leave. Thanks,

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