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Antonietta-Rosina said: Feb 19, 2016
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What happened to “True Suzuki Philosophy”? Something to think about! Recently I did a research on the impact music has had on our children, not kids, but CHILDREN (talking about labels? a kid is a baby goat…. ). Back to music.

Suzuki is all about being beyond notes, staff and stems. How happened to kindness, sharing and being a true Suzuki family.

I have encountered so much controversial issues between Suzuki teachers vs. Traditional teachers, what happened to sharing, kindness; instead it has bred selfishness, greediness, and comments like: “my students are better than yours because they are taught by a Suzuki teacher”, or thanks to tradition “mine made it to Carnegie Hall yours did not”. Who cares if your students are better than mine, Suzuki taught or not. We have become so judgemental. What do you know about my students? What do you know about me as a TEACHER? To be a great performer player, and plaques does not make great teachers—far from it. McEnroe could not teach tennis to save his life; nor could Arthur Ashe. I know them both and both were excellent players and showed outstanding strategies…. but give them a child to teach….mmmmh think again! What about that child that showed poor musical skills—do we toss them aside and focus on the ‘talented’ ones. That is not what Dr. Suzuki wanted. My biggest proof to my statement is the film “Mr. Opus”.
The best encounter I had as a traditional teacher in the sixties was when Dr. Suzuki started to surface in the seventies. His philosophy was an answer to our traditional teaching. Sadly too soon after his death we have Suzuki teachers looked down traditional teachers and vice versa. Rather than focusing on how ‘brilliant little Johnnie or little Jane’; how about embellishing their characters with the beauty of music to share. Music is for ALL—and not the selective to impressive. I believe that Suzuki Philosophy is to build up the inner character.
Through my thesis, my research work uncovered all of the above; so much emphasis was put on ‘brilliant pedagogies’, tossing aside the under-talented. What did this breed? it birthed gangster rap. Artists such as Schoolly D and N.W.A produced hits such as “PSK What Does It Mean” and “**** Tha Police.” This new music genre portrayed images of gangs, guns, violence, and sexism, yet it was well received and became very popular in the span of just a few years; exploiting adolescent girls and so forth (read my research paper). And that was the beginning of students shunning classical music. I can only speak for South Florida. I have not completed my studies to see how many states have declined like Florida.
I just want to see more True Suzuki Philosophy and sharing of students if a teacher has an overflow to help other Teachers shine.
Thank you for my moment of podium.

Antoniettka-Rosina (Adv.Cert., M.A., M.Sc., L.Mus.T.C.L., B.A.)

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