Pre-Twinkle Songs

I work at a diverse school. I created this song because I wanted to use the idea of “The Pussy Willow Song,” but I was working with older students (and younger students with older siblings) that may have been exposed to vulgar language. I know students can turn anything into silliness, but I wanted to do my best to create a safe space for learning how to sing and discern pitches.
Our school also is an A+ school that promotes integration. So I adapted “The Pussy Willow Song” for my students and named it “The Bunny Song” so that I could also use it with a pre-bow hold and to integrate Language Arts.
I hope that if you find a need you can use this song. Please print the credits to bring recognition and funding to our students in need.

You can view it at my weebly site:

“The Bunny Song”
sing words with each scale step like, the “Pussy Willow Song.”
Adapted for Suzuki teachers and elementary music teachers everywhere.

I know three little bunnies,
Their ^coats are soft and grey,
They ^live down in the meadow,
Not ^very far away,
They’ll ^always be the bunnies,
That ^eat my cabbage flat,
They ^like my carrots too,
Now ^what do you think of that?
(now down the scale starting on do)
Muncha, muncha, muncha, muncha,
muncha, muncha, muncha, SCAT!

Adapted by, Lisa Ashton Morris
Dedicated to the students as Diggs-Latham Elementary School
May be integrated with the book,
“Muncha, Muncha, Muncha.” by Candace Fleming and G. Brian Karas

This adaptation is free, all I ask is that you print and/or post the credits and name of book every time you print the song.

Mary Taylor Allen said: Jan 26, 2016
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Cello, Viola
Stillwater, MN
3 posts

Thanks for sharing this sweet song. I enjoy sharing the scale with students and this is a creative wrinkle that they will enjoy.

Mary Taylor Allen

Lauren said: Jan 27, 2016
Lauren Lamont
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Viola
Edmonds, WA
33 posts

Thanks Lisa! This is so cute. Do students play a rhythm to go with the words for each note of the scale?

I have posted an audio file on my website:

Please forgive the amateur singing.

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