Pre Twinkle Performance Pieces

Tiffany said: Jan 22, 2016
Tiffany Osborn
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Hi Everyone,

I am teaching in a preschool where we don’t have parent participation. They do however, want to see them play “songs” at the end of the year. I do my best to curb their expectations during my speeches to parents, but I understand, they want to see some sort of results.

We did pizz songs and rest position song kind of things for the winter performance

I plan on doing pieces from Magic Carpet and Monkey Songs, what else is there? Hot Cross Buns? What else is like that? Super easy open string and a few fingers kind of stuff…


Holly Blackwelder Carpenter said: Jan 23, 2016
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Hi Tiffany,

I would use the Bunny Ballads by Kathleen Spring. The challenge will be enough listening without parental involvement, but if the song you selected was playing all the time during set up and when they come in, etc, it should work. With the piano part (or violin duet) it sounds like a “real” piece, but the first 5 songs are all open strings—so no intonation or left hand worries. You can purchase the Bunny Ballads on the SAA store, you can also check out her facebook page.


Holly Blackwelder Carpenter
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Rose Lander said: Jan 23, 2016
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hi, pop goes the weasel is always a big hit. theacher plays the melody and kids pluck either open a or open e, depending on the key. but first have them clap the pop part. all kids will not be able to play the pop part together initially, but it is great rhythm training. I would stay clear of using fingers of left hand. teaching them the correct position of thehand, and placing the fingers are a big challenge.

Tiffany said: Jan 23, 2016
Tiffany Osborn
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Thanks everyone! We did Pop goes the weasel, jingle bells where they pizzed the “hey” on E and the Eeek Eeek Eeek for the winter recital, so I want to use bows for the spring. Although the program is imperfect in many ways, I do at least see them several times a week, and the students who are older (5 and sometimes 6) are able to manage some left hand stuff. They are also very good at memorizing songs if I go over it with them every week, so the Bunny Ballads sound great- does anyone know, does it come with the piano accompaniment part, or does it have to be purchased separately?

Thanks any any more suggestions?

Jennifer Visick said: Jan 23, 2016
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  • Seagull Seagull, by Edward Huws Jones (from the Red Parrot Green Parrot book. Get the Teacher book, not the pupil book, which has both a piano part and a violin duet “accompanist” part in case you don’t have a pianist)

This is open strings and with the accompaniment is very pretty, and you can use the interlude in the middle where they don’t play to have them waft their bows in swoop-y lazy gliding seagull motions.

There are also some other fun songs that they can move to and play to (stomping giants and so forth) in the Red Parrot, Green Parrot book (including the titular song, where they get to SQUAWK—but only at the proper moment, of course!)

  • Chicken on a Fencepost is arranged in an open string version in the “Learning Together” book. (Accompanist plays the other parts). And it’s the Twinkle Variation A Rhythm so it ties in with learning that.

    • Also in the Learning Together book, “Old Brass Wagon” (open, 1st & 2nd fingers, arranged so the students play the same rhythm, accompanist or teacher plays the rest)
Helen Jacob-Stein said: Feb 16, 2016
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I just composed one of my own, using only open strings and finger 1. It made me review my keyboard- and written harmony skills from university days, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I heartily recommend the creative approach!

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