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Dusty Sanoon said: Jan 8, 2016
Dusty Sanoon
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Hi everyone,

I am revamping my home studio for the new year. I am trying not to be a hoarder but there are things that I want to keep at arm’s reach for my students. What are your must have’s in your studio? What do you have on your shelves around you?


Dusty Sanoon

Marian Goss said: Jan 8, 2016
Marian Goss
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Since moving my studio into a smaller room in my house, I had to down size somewhat. The things I cannot live without, that need to be within arm’s reach, are my copier, my Suzuki books, my duet books to accompany the Suzuki songs, scales and etude books that my students are using, and a desk filled with the usuals including finger tape, dice and a few knickknacks to balance on little violins. Between the two chairs in my studio, I also have a filing cabinet of parent materials including extra paper, pens pencils, erasers, practice sheets and a copy of the latest Suzuki journal. What I would like to eventually put in my studio is a full length mirror. There is just no wall space at the moment for that. One day…

Kirsten said: Feb 4, 2016
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I am old fashioned and not very high tech, but having said that I love having my desk top computer by my side when I am teaching. I type my student’s practice notes into my Music Teachers Helper App as we go and then just send the notes to the parent’s e-mail at the end of the lesson. The parent has an exact copy of my notes. Having those notes all in one place allows me a quick peek at what we did the lesson before too, and what I expected in terms of review pieces and practice.

I also love my zoom handy recorder (like a voice recorder but good for music) because it allows me to make a recording of how fast I want a student to practice something, download the recording onto an MP3 file, and e-mail the recording to the parent.

I’m not much for social media, but I love e-mail.


Jennifer Visick said: Feb 5, 2016
Jennifer VisickForum Moderator
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ooh, good question.

  • fingerboard tape, bow tape/stickers, practice stickers
  • rubber bands
  • extra fingernail clippers/nail files
  • chinrest key and/or screwdriver and/or hex wrench, box of various chinrests & shoulder rests for fitting violas or violins to all jaw shapes and neck lengths
  • shelf liner / sponge / etc., with scissors
  • cleaning cloth
  • iPhone or iPad (fast replacing the dedicated metronome, tuner/tuning fork, camera, audio/video recorders, lesson activity randomizers such as dice and board game spinners, and partially replacing paper sheet music, physical counters & timers, etc.)
  • music stand
  • piano
  • sharp pencil with a good working eraser
  • nice speakers & various recordings depending on what the students are working on
  • desktop or laptop computer, connected to said speakers
  • fast internet connection, good webcam & microphone
  • comfortable chairs
  • balance aid (I use a Dynadisc)
  • yoga mat or thick rug or something for sitting on the floor with little ones
  • instrument puzzle and various other beginner’s toys
  • books to show or lend to students or their parents—i.e. “get this”
Joyce McGlaun said: Feb 5, 2016
Joyce McGlaun
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All of what Jennifer mentioned plus:

-A book basket for all reading levels on topics related to violins, music, other instruments, sound production and the arts in general.
-Games related to music learning such as Crazy Eights, memory games, Music Bingo, Simon, Music Wrap-ups,
-A level—for visually recognizing the angle of the violin on the shoulder
-Scrap paper for parents
-Moleskin—for covering chin rests that cause “itches”
-Air Express by Apple connected to speakers in the ceiling
-8×11 posters and quotes by Dr. Suzuki
-Magazines with articles about music/violins/musicians.

Joyce McGlaun
Strings Unlimited Violin Studio & Quartet
Baby Music of Abilene, http://suzukibabymusic.blogspot.com
325-677-5766; 325-829-4440

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