Suggestions for Student Listening

Anna said: Dec 31, 2015
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In January, we’re going to do some extra listening at my studio. I’ll assign recordings/videos for my students as part of their practice at home. Since I teach violin and piano, I would like to mainly focus on those, but may include pieces on other instruments. They can be performed by any size group, from solo to orchestra. I have a few in mind, but I’m curious what others would suggest as “must listen/watch” pieces for music students.

Kelly Williamson said: Dec 31, 2015
Kelly WilliamsonTeacher Trainer
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Cambridge, ON
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You may not like this as much as I do, since it’s actually a violin piece. ;) I love this performance of flutist Emmanuel Pahud and pianist Eric LeSage playing the Strauss Sonata in E for the passion, musicality, and the communication between the musicians—you can just tell they’re enjoying themselves!


Anna said: Jan 4, 2016
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Thanks for the suggestion, Kelly! I’ll check it out.

I look forward to more suggestions! :)

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