The Quartet Project—Jan 16 deadline

Miranda Hughes said: Dec 31, 2015
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I saw this project on Kickstarter and thought some other Suzuki string teachers might be interested.

The Quartet Project

It’s a set of contemporary compositions for string quartets of all ages, from (I would guess) Book 3-4 level on up. Composer Geoffrey Hudson seems very well-regarded, the sample recordings are good, and the music seems likely to fill a niche for student quartets that has been long-neglected… accessible and enjoyable contemporary music. He is seeking enough pre-orders of the albums to allow a decent sized printing/publication order.

For those not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s the best-known crowd-funding site. You pledge to back the project financially, and if the target level of funding is met by the goal, you are then entitled to receive whatever “reward” (in this case, quartet music albums) you pledged for. There is always a bit of risk built into the process, especially with respect to delivery dates, but this project seems pretty simple, low-risk and tightly managed. With a bit of ongoing word-of-mouth it seems on-track to meet its funding goals, and personally I’d be thrilled to have a couple of these albums on-hand for our summer chamber music groups this year.


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