Repertoire for studio-building outreach workshops

Sylvia said: Nov 14, 2015
Sylvia Schwartz
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Hello all,

I am coordinating outreach workshops for the community music school at which I teach. There are three Suzuki violin faculty, and I am looking for repertoire we can use individually to do 30-ish minute workshops at schools and preschools in our area.

On my list already are Ferdinand the Bull and the book Mole Music; what are your favorite pieces to use for this kind of story-performance, or stories with musical content that you improvise accompaniment to?

Thank you,

Lisa Moore said: Nov 14, 2015
Lisa MooreViolin, Cello, Viola
Longwood, FL
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This build-up song may have some application for your musical presentation:
“I Bought Me a Cat (and the Cat Pleased Me)”
The main verse is easy to learn:
I bought me a ____ and the ____ pleased me,
I fed my ____ under yonder tree.
Assign sections of the audience by animal:
1. Cat goes fiddle-i-fee
2. Hen goes chimmy chuck
3. Duck goes quack, quack
4. Goose goes hissy, hissy
5. Sheep goes baa, baa
6. Pig goes oink, oink
7. Cow goes moo, moo
8. Horse goes neigh, neigh
9. Dog goes bow-wow, bow-wow

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