Which is a good violin book for start reading ?

Daniela Castro said: Oct 15, 2015
Daniela CastroViolin
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I have a 6 year-old student and she is ready to read music, but I don’t know which book is better if “I can Read Music” or “Note Reading for Suzuki”. I want to know yours thoughts.

Thank you

M.M.Daniela Castro Aguilar

Sarah Strickland said: Jan 30, 2016
Sarah Strickland
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It depends on the student. I have used both “I Can Read Music” and the “All for Strings” books.

Adventures in Music Reading by William Starr, and Quick Steps to Note Reading (published by Kjos) are also worth looking into.

There are many apps out there, and I find flashcards helpful . (simply google “violin flash cards printable” and you will find many options to choose from.)

Sarah Strickland

Anna said: Jan 30, 2016
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I learned to read music on “I Can Read Music” and now use it with all of my students. Excellent book; I highly recommend it!

Jennifer Visick said: Jan 30, 2016
Jennifer VisickForum Moderator
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I Can Read Music is a great resource for short, step by step sight reading.

You might also want to check out “I Love to Read Music” (Denise Wiley)…

For flashcards, if your students have a smartphone, there are quite a few flashcard apps. I happen to like Tenuto at the moment.

(There are sight reading apps, too… )

Barbara Stafford said: Feb 2, 2016
Barbara Stafford
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I am liking “I can read music-volume 1″ for the young students under age 10. It is very gradual, allowing kids to become expert at a limited note selection before adding more and more. (For pitch,it starts with just A & B, for example.) It also separates pitch lessons from rhythm lessons. In the volume 2, I believe it integrates pitch & rhythm. I am not familiar with the other book.

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