How to teach a young child the correct intonation on the violin?

Zachary Beaver said: Oct 2, 2015
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I’m a parent who is teaching my child how to play the violin. Unfortunately, my child is not consistent about the placement of his left-hand fingers on the fingerboard. For example, when my child presses his 3rd finger down on the A string to play the D note, it is sometimes too sharp, and other times it is too flat.

Are there any exercises that I can use to help him to get the right intonation? Our violin teacher had uses stickers on the fingerboard, but recommended that we remove them since he was getting older. If I recall correctly, the teacher recommends not worrying about intonation for the time being, but letting the problem fix itself when he grows older and his ear becomes more discerning.

Rachel Schott said: Oct 10, 2015
Rachel SchottViolin
Harrogate, TN
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Are you listening to the repertoire at home every day? Mutliple times a day?

Zachary Beaver said: Oct 12, 2015
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Are you listening to the repertoire at home every day? Mutliple times a day?

That’s a great point. I have not been consistent about making him listen to the CD that comes with the first Suzuki book. I’ll be working on that more.

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