Michael Mclean Preludio for 2 violins

Amanda Marie said: Sep 8, 2015
Amanda Marie TewViolin
Saint Joseph, MI
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Which of the Michael Mclean sheet music albums is his Preludio for two violins found in? Or is it sold separately? I am looking for the violin duet that is fairly straightfoward (not the piece for ensemble violins). It’s in b minor (at least the youtube versions I’ve seen). I have looked for days. Thank you!

Edited to add link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLqrcJe8e9c

Lisa Moore said: Sep 8, 2015
Lisa MooreViolin, Cello, Viola
Longwood, FL
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The duet is probably adaptation of McLean’s Preludio for Three Violins and Piano. (Check the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra pdf) The piece is available from Young Musicians: www.young-musicians.com and Johnson String Instrument www.johnsonstring.com

Phankao said: Sep 8, 2015
Phankao WanPiano, Viola, Violin
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So there is no actual score for Preludio for 2 violins and piano?

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