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Glenda Walsh Crouse said: Aug 9, 2015
Glenda Walsh Crouse
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Hello Fellow Suzuki Teachers!

We are looking for pen-pals! We think it would be a great opportunity for students to learn about other studios, places cultures etc. It would be neat to pair up students based on the pieces they are currently working on!

We are looking for the traditional pen and paper type pen pal. Of course, sending video or photos by email or Facebook would be a great supplement!

We could send general studio updates and discoveries. We could even try to pair individual students. We would be happy to have pen pals from all over the globe or even just here in the states.

I hope that through pen pals the students in my studio will gain a more global awareness, make friends and find support in their Suzuki adventures.

We do have a studio Facebook if you are interested in sharing that way instead of traditional pen and paper. We can be found here:

If you like us on Facebook post a quick intro about your studio and we will do the same!

Please email me at [javascript protected email address] if interested.

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