How do you advertise your studio?

Jennifer said: Jul 21, 2015
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What are some of the most successful ways you have advertised your studio for new students?

I have been teaching at a community music school the past few years, but this year I am branching off on my own and starting my own Suzuki studio. That means I have to take matters into my own hands!!

Melanie said: Jul 22, 2015
Melanie Barber
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Maple Valley, WA
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Get out into the community!! Be where other preschoolers and their parents are. Volunteer at preschools, elementary schools, library story times and teach about the violin. I spent many hours doing this for several months, but 6 months after I moved, I had 25-30 students!

I had a non- Suzuki friend who posted on Craigslist and got about half her studio that way. Get connected with local youth symphonies. Also, get connected with homeschool communities in your area. They make amazing Suzuki families. Good luck to you!

Heather Figi said: Jul 23, 2015
Heather FigiViolin
Eugene, OR
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Just a quick note—there is another great thread about studio building here on this forum that may be useful for you:


Best wishes!

Nikki Routman Ebisu said: Jul 25, 2015
Nikki Routman Ebisu
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Honolulu, HI
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Start a simple website. You gain credibility when parents can look you up and read about your background, philosophy, rates, location etc. and see a photo of you.
As a parent looking for activities for my young children, I do find myself gravitating towards businesses with actual websites in this modern day of technology.

Make business cards, pass them out to all the local music stores and orchestra teachers in your area.

Dr. Nikki Routman Ebisu
*Director & Owner, Hawaii Suzuki Music Academy
Owner, Aloha Tuners

Debbie said: Aug 6, 2015
Debbie BarretteGuitar
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
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I’m in the process of creating a website, but I’ve found I have so many students I don’t really need one—but I do want one.

I offer a referral fee to the employees at a local music store. Instead of offering a new student a “first free lesson” I take that first lesson fee and use that as my referral fee. It’s totally worth it if it means I’m getting a new student. I now have nearly 40 weekly students and my schedule is packed. I often have a waiting list. Money is a great incentive.


Jennifer said: Aug 7, 2015
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Thank you very much for all of your great feedback!!

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