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Elizabeth said: Jun 29, 2015
Elizabeth SkinnerViolin, Viola
Essex Junction, VT
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I’ve read through past threads but can’t find the info I’m looking for.

I teach from home—25 students/week. I can’t get an umbrella liability policy for my family because of my home-based business. My homeowners policy doesn’t cover liability, either (if a student falls or my dog bites them, etc.) I already have instrument insurance.

So, my carrier has suggested that I look elsewhere for liability insurance but I can’t find anyone who offers it. I’ve found professional liability that covers things like slander, etc.

Any ideas? GEICO won’t insure me…. I’ve looked on SAA, ASTA and Nafme sites. This is a case of being honest. I’m sure it wouldn’t have come up otherwise, but I do want to be covered in the event of an accident.


Jennifer Hancock said: Jun 30, 2015
Jennifer Hancock
Suzuki Association Member
Mebane, NC
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Hi Elizabeth. I got my reasonably priced policy through MTNA, and it is through the Hartford. Hope that helps! ~Jenn

Laura Burgess said: Jun 30, 2015
Laura Burgess
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Viola
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Henry Flurry said: Jun 30, 2015
Henry FlurryInstitute Director
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Prescott, AZ
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We have liability insurance through State Farm.

Christine Clougherty said: Jun 30, 2015
Suzuki Association Member
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I had trouble a few years ago when I changed my car insurance from Farmers to AAA and wanted to combine the household insurance. AAA wanted appraisals of my pianos, and said I would have to pay for a “Trip and Fall” rider (inexpensive). This was the only other company I could find that would insure my home while I was teaching in it, other than Farmers.

I decided to stay with Farmers for the home, and I now have the car back on Farmers. My agent at Farmers was not concerned that I would be sued by folks who come to my home week after week, and didn’t think I needed extra property, liability, or trip and fall insurance. I trusted her, thinking that an agent surely would like to sell me lots of extra insurance. When my children started driving, that’s when they thought more liability insurance was a good idea…..

Literally, Geico, State Farm, Mercury, Travelers, AllState, all of them REFUSED to insure a piano teacher teaching in her home. “Too much traffic, too much risk”. It would be interesting to see the statistics of the claims they have paid out. Has anyone heard of a home studio teacher being sued?

Lori Bolt said: Jul 1, 2015
Lori Bolt
Suzuki Association Member
San Clemente, CA
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AAA provided liability on my Renters policy, and added an inexpensive home business provision. They didn’t ask for piano appraisals, but that could be new.

Lori Bolt

Eric Davenport said: Jul 1, 2015
Eric Davenport
Suzuki Association Member
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I have something from Hartford. 400$ a year…. Ask me and ill look it up in more detail.

Christine said: Aug 10, 2015
Christine Rewolinski
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Suzuki Early Childhood Education
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I am insured through TMEA, which is my local/state music educators organization. I pay $30.00 a year! check into a similar organization in your state.

Garland, TX

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