Peer Mentoring for New Suzuki Teacher/s in a Suzuki Music School

Elizabeth Erb Sherk said: Jun 18, 2015
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I am interested in thinking with my Suzuki Colleagues on the topic of good experiences we have had in the area of assisting new teachers to become excellent teachers in The Suzuki Music School.

I am a member of a Suzuki Music School with about 15 self-employed contracted teachers who work in the school teaching violin, piano, cello, guitar, flute, Suzuki Early Childhood Education. We have a couple new teachers joining our team this fall, and the Board of Directors for the school have delegated a committee of three to draft a Mentorship Protocol to help induct new teachers into the work of the school.

Anyone who has wisdom or experience in this area is welcome to respond to my request.

Libby Felts said: Jun 18, 2015
Libby FeltsSAA Staff
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Margot Jewell and Zachary Ebin wrote a great article in the ASJ last year on this topic (volume 42 #3, page 39) that has a lot of ideas you might find helpful!

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