Shifting books

Marnie said: Jun 13, 2015
Marnie Thies
Suzuki Association Member
Bethel, MN
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I know some violin instructors prefer to use Yost over the Whistler shifting books. Why is this? I am really curious on this subject.

Thank you.

Christine said: Aug 10, 2015
Christine Rewolinski
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Suzuki Early Childhood Education
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Not sure. I use Suzuki book one and write in fingerings! Works great, kids don’t have to learn new material and shifting at the same time. I find that using Whistler with young children causes them to be overly cognitive rather than aural in their playing. The lesson becomes about memorizing abstract facts about the fingerboard (which is very important at some point) instead of “hearing” what a movement or distance is.

Garland, TX

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