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Marnie said: Jun 13, 2015
Marnie Thies
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What etude books, Dont, Kreutzer, Kayser, Sitt, etc should corresponding through the various Suzuki books? In other words, at what point should different etude books be introduced?

I have a student going into book six and so far we have done Introducing the Positions Volume 1 by Harvey S. Whistler, some of the Josephine Trott Melodious Double Stops, Three Octave Scales and arpeggios (normally I wouldn’t do the arpeggios this soon but he is doing fine on them). He is a pretty good reader so that is why I haven’t done Wohlfahrt etudes at this point. We will be starting the Sevcik bowing book, Op. 3 40 Variations when he begins book six.

Please let me know what other technique books he should be doing at this point. I don’t want there to be any gaps in his technique!

Thank you for your insight.

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